How We Work


“unique programs” for business owners like you where we provide immediate working capital in the form of a merchant cash advance for those businesses that “accept credit cards” as well as those businesses that “DON’T accept credit cards”! The great thing about our product is that it is NOT a “bank loan”, but rather a “factor product”, hence
The way it works is really unique. BUSINESS FUNDING USA facilitates “underwriting & approval” for your “new funds” based on your Visa/MasterCard Business OR your Gross Sales, if you are a business that DOES NOT accept credit cards.You pay back the advance through a small percentage of your future Visa / MasterCard transactions or your Gross Sales Deposits. There is no interest rate on our product. It’s an advance, not a loan.
The great thing about this arrangement is that your advance gets paid ONLY when you make a sale. So if you have a slow month, an emergency or some unexpected event, you don’t have to worry, because your balance never gets higher. The merchant cash advance product is truly intended to be a business friendly working capital tool that will work with your business.
At BUSINESS FUNDING USA, we take great pride in getting over 98% of our applicants FUNDED, and DO NOT charge any upfront or hidden fees! We are always a phone call away 24/7 for any questions or help needed!